Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams

According to the Better Business Bureau of research, cryptocurrency mining scam is in Top-5 of the most widespread. In 2019 this type of fraud even topped the rating.

Usually, the victims of cryptocurrency fraud are those who believed in quick and easy money making on digital currency. Scammers describe all the perspectives and crypto-trading opportunities in a very convincing and colorful way. Not only beginners are buying into this, but also experienced traders who have just lost their vigilance for a moment.

Scammers use different methods to lure money out of trusting victims, such as exchange fraud and fake wallets. The Internet is the best cryptocurrency scam platform, and it encourages scammers a lot.

Popular fraud schemes

Every year scammers come up with new fraud schemes. But like in previous years, they offer their scam victims to join trading platforms, invest in cryptocurrency at high-interest levels, and also invest in ICO projects.

More often, scammers contact their victims via social networks involving them in cryptocurrency trading. After a person replenishes the account and performs several operations, the balance either drains, or the system shows a technical error that doesn’t allow to withdraw money.

Another popular fraud scheme is to attract retirees to crypto-trading. Scammers offer retirees to invest their savings into cryptocurrency, receiving high rate interest that will keep them warm in old age. When scammers receive money from retirees, they disappear immediately.

Crypto-scammers also use a financial pyramid trick that promises fabulous profits to investors. When the founder of the pyramid collects enough money for himself, the structure collapses, and the investors lose everything.

In addition, scammers also use:

To protect yourself from scammers:

Don’t forget, investment is not a game, but a serious step that should be carefully considered before taking it.

If you became a victim of scammers

According to BBB, 68,5% of crypto-scammers’ victims couldn’t return their money. Most often, because they tried to solve the problem independently, wasting precious time. Nevertheless, according to our experience, we can say if you approach the solution of the problem correctly, you will always be able to return money to any card, including those lost due to fraud in the financial market.

If either you or someone close to you faced a cryptocurrency fraud, don’t waste your time and contact the professionals. Specialists in our company have enough experience to deal with this kind of financial disputes.

Easy Recovery Agency employees will thoroughly study your case and draw up a legally competent scheme of actions to get your money back. Before ordering services in our company, you can always use a free consultation, and in more details, ask our employees about the principles of work and fees for services.

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